Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy & Positive Thoughts, Leads to a Happy & Positive Life

We all have hectic lives, always on the Go & Never enough time to accomplish what we set out to do in the 1st place, I've been there myself. Just recently I started to notice that when I think about the good/positive in any bad situation, I was less stressed, & started to focus on a Solution to my bad situation, instead of Drowning myself in self-pity, weakness & defeat. Far too long have we been Blinded & or Mislead to believe that when a bad or negative thing happens, we just crumble & fall into a deep inner depression & helplessness. When actually, all we need to do is change our thinking process, Acknowledge the problem, Don't let it overwhelm you, & Focus on the Solution. We so easily forget that we as humans are built & made to Learn-Love-Adapt-Create-Conquer anything we desire. (scary huh?)  *Fact*

   I believe it all starts & ends with Fear. Fear is such a powerful thing, yet it doesn't exist, unless we create it ourselves! Amazing isn't it? Well guess what everyone, there's something else out there thats just as powerful, if not more. And that is Courage & Will.

- we must have the Courage to not give up or surrender so easily to obstacles that come into our lives. obstacles are there for a reason, to allow us to Create Solutions or fix problems.

-we must have the Will to do whatever it takes to achieve our goal, through non-stop effort after failed attempts occur, acknowledge it, learn from it, create solution & Conquer our Goal.

*we All are born with Courage & Will, we are just too afraid to unleash them, due to worrying about failure, or what others might think or say. failing is a part of life, getting
back up is Living.....

*there can be No rainbow, without 1st going through the rain....

*maybe we have to fall & fail to realize that we don't enjoy that feeling, & get back up & learn from it....

Just like a plant has to fight through all the darkness & endless weight to Blossom, so must You.


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